On Location from the National Conference for Media Reform – Day 2

The conferencing schedule remains full for yr’ humble servant here in sunny (finally) Minneapolis.

My flogging of Second Life and virtual worlds for political change here among the media reformers has kind of fallen on deaf ears.  That’s both a good thing (the idea’s still fresh) and bad (lots of educamating of people left to do to get this happening).  Fortunately, that’s not the only reason I’m following the conference.

BTW, big shout-out to Ruby, Shireen, and Paul who’ve been my partners in Twitter crime here at the conference.

Oh, almost forgot.  Very VERY excited by a tip Ruby gave me that Adam Reuters expressed interest in our Rez the Vote idea.  Going to be tough to focus on getting work done with that kind of opportunity hanging over my head.

Another really interesting development from a virtual world is the success in connecting Second Life to Open Sim (h/t to Wagner Au).  Being able to easily travel between virtual worlds wouldn address one of the major issues of organizing for political change in virtual worlds: limited membership.  With only approximately 500K actives in SL, there just isn’t the critical mass you get with e-mail campaigns.  However, an easy way to draw in other virtual worlds denizens (WoW, Eve:Online, There.com, etc.) to a central location in another world (SL or otherwise) could be a force multiplier.  Can’t wait to learn more about this.

The new journalism panel here is getting ready to wrap up, so I guess I should too…


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